Pupils unearth Sandbach school’s hidden past

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The rich heritage of Sandbach School is being preserved by two A-level History students.

Their aim is to promote a history that has long been hidden from public view in time for the next School Commemoration Day.

Tom Wade and Will Murphy, Year 12 History students, became inspired to give something back to future generations by assembling a memorial to the collective past of the school and the community.

Last year’s Commemoration Day saw the creating of a ‘pop-up’ museum set within the beautiful historical surroundings of the school’s chapel.

This proved a great success and attracted plenty of attention from the younger generation who in turn were able to appreciate and admire their own history.

This year the students have gone further and have approached ‘old’ Sandbachians to help uncover its history.

And in their turn the older generation has been happy to give their support.

Tom said, “I’m really excited to be a part of such a huge opportunity that will benefit both Sandbach School and the community as a whole.”

With the enthusiastic backing of alumni the students have been given access to the history of the school.

They have rummaged through archives, uncovered long forgotten treasures and located all kinds of fascinating items hidden away in some cases for hundreds of years.

Highlights of their discoveries include cricket blazers, blueprints, trophies dating back to the 1830s and the headmaster’s desk from the original building in 1677.

These treasures are now set to go on display in a new museum display created by Tom and Will within the School’s chapel, but they need support to bring this idea to life.

A target of £2,000 has been set and their dream of bringing the past to life can only be realised with the backing of the community.

The Old Sandbachians Association, who originally funded the restoration of what was previously the Borders’ Dining Room into the School Chapel, have been engaged in giving their full support to the project.

They will be instrumental in contacting their membership in raising funds through personal gifts and by supporting special fundraising events such as their golf day and cricket match.

However, everyone can play a part in helping to bring this history back to life.

Details of how you can help can be found by going to the Justgiving website page: https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/SandbachSchoolMuseum.

As Will said: “I have high hopes that this museum will have an inspiring effect on the young gentlemen at Sandbach School for many years to come.”

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